10x RGB PLCC-6 Surface Mount (SMD/SMT) LED (10 Pieces)

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RGB PLCC-6 SMD/SMT LEDs offering a pure and consistent colour with an bright light output.

3 LEDs in a single device, Red, Green & Blue.

Colour : Red, Green, Blue (RGB)
Quantity : 10
Lenses Type : PLCC-6 SMD/SMT (5050)
Brightness : 1000mcd (per LED)
Forward Voltage : 1.8v – 2.2v (Red), 3.2v – 3.6v (Blue, Green)
Forward Current : 20mA (typical), 30mA (Max)
Viewing Angle : 130 degrees
Wavelength : 625nm (Red), 520nm (Green), 465nm (Blue)
Size : 5.0mm (L) x 5.0mm (W) x 1.95mm (H)