5x 1K Ohm Thumb Adjust Variable Resistor (5 Pieces)

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Enclosed single turn trimming potentiometers. Fully enclosed construction eliminates dust and moisture. Finger adjust type with removable plastic spindle. Pin positions compatible with Piher PT10 and Citec CT10 series. Manufactured by Iskra, part number PNZ10Z

Quantity : 5
Maximum Resistance : 1K
Maximum Voltage : 200VDC
Nominal Power : 0.15W
Mechanical Rotation Angle : 295deg
Electrical Rotation Angle : 240deg
Operating Temperature Range : -25°C to +70°C
Size – Spindle Not Fitted (HxWxL) : 6mm x 9.8mm x 11mm
Size – Splindle Fitted ( HxWxL) : 15.8mm x 9.8mm x 11mm