Miniature DC Motor – 13100rpm

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High quality general purpose miniature motor that can be used in a wide range of hobbiest application. Two flat sides make this ideal for mounting on a PCB. Solder tag terminals.

Voltage Rating : 1.5V to 4.5V (3V for nominal operation)
Max Speed : 16000rpm (no load), 13100rpm (nominal load)
Max Current : 0.29A (no load), 1A (nominal load)
Max Power Rating : 1.046W
Max Continuous Torque : 8.2g/cm
Stall Torque : 36.6g/cm
Reversable : Yes
Body Diameter : 19.9mm
Body Length : 25mm
Shaft Diameter : 2mm
Shaft Length : 8.1mm
Weight : 17g